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 Style of Game

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PostSubject: Style of Game   Wed Jul 06, 2011 1:15 pm

As for the game itself my friends and I had long conversations about it and decided that the best would be an Action rpg game with a fighting versus mode
and some other fun modes too.
The ideal woul be :
1.An adventure mode ; where you choose from any member of the strawhat crew and follow their own adventure each having unique story modes..For example Zoro would have a longer adventure mode than Brook and a lot more fights too. Each character should have their own fights and adventure in a action Rpg style for the Main story mode.

2.Also a Versus Mode; Where you choose among your favourite characters and fight..This mode should also include a Tag team battle Mode for even more fun ;

That's all I've got concerning the game modes, if you have any ideas please do let know Razz
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Style of Game
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